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our story

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In Bexar County alone, over 120,000 children are considered to be food insecure.  Of those, it is estimated that 10-20% actually deal with chronic hunger (i.e. they lack adequate nutrition to lead a healthy, productive life).  Although Federal Nutrition programs provide meals for students during the school week, weekends can be especially challenging for these children.

Snack Pak 4 Kids was created to provide weekend food supplements to students who are identified by their teachers, creating food SECURITY for them over the weekend.  With the support of partners, donors and volunteers of all ages, Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio works hard to be a learning enhancement tool for these kids, solving their weekend hunger issue so they can learn during the school week.

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Our Mission

Hunger impacts a child’s ability to learn

Hunger impacts a child’s ability to learn. SP4KSA provides weekend food supplements to serve the needs of chronically hungry children, addressing the relationship between food insecurity and learning.

how can you help

how can you help

We’re just like you. We’re teachers, business executives, parents, retirees, students…you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. And the more volunteers and donations we have, the bigger impact we can make in fighting chronic hunger, especially on the weekends. Let’s do this. Together.
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letters of hunger

For many of us, it is impossible to understand the emotions faced by a chronically hungry child as they attempt to navigate through life and through school. Some of those children have been willing to share their stories.


Their words and artwork create a visual picture of why it is so very important that we focus our efforts on creating food SECURITY because hunger creates a barrier to learning. And these kids deserve what all kids deserve. The tools to be successfully educated. Solving their hunger issue is, in many cases, the very tool they need to increase their ability to learn.

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our partners

our partners

Solving weekend hunger is accomplished when a community cares enough to make it a priority.  Our PARTNERS do just that.  They get it.

With contributions of time, talent and resources. they accept the responsibility for assuring our schools and the children we serve are supported by the Snack Pak 4 Kids SA program.

Being a SP4KSA partner is a commitment, but our partners will be glad to share their own stories of how they are personally blessed by being part of this incredible volunteer movement to remove the barrier of hunger from a child’s ability to learn.


the support from our partners allows us to do what we do

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We try to make all of our volunteer commitments predictable, fun, happy experiences for volunteers of all ages.  Bring your family, bring your co-workers, bring your church group, bring your team, or just bring yourselves!  Sign up NOW to help create weekend food SECURITY!

We also participate in the Big Give SA every year. Stay tuned! for more information on their website.