How will your donation be used?

100% of what we raise through our donation process is used to purchase food for children.  Donors may contribute to:

  • our General Food Fund
  • Peanut Butter Fund
  • to a specific school district or school
  • to our summer feeding program
  • to our Challenge Grant match program, which allows us to help partners (churches, civic organizations and businesses) who are willing to serve an individual school get started more quickly and create a sustainable funding source.

So, you decide.  All of these areas have a positive impact on chronically hungry children.  And because we are committed to 100% of YOUR donation serving kids, you can rest easy.  YOUR donation? It is for the children we serve.  ALL OF IT.  EVERY SINGLE CENT.

We welcome one time donations and recurring commitments, with the goal of enhancing the ability to learn for the children we serve.